Get Models Now is a place where work of creative individuals and business meet newest technology in order to progress and evolve. 

Get  Models  Now uses latest  technology both in  the  design  process and  in  its  implementation. 
We specialize in solving challenges in design projects and manufacturing processes through new technologies.


With the help of 3D printing, 3D scanning,Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality and other amazing new technologies we can advise you how to create, make and bring forth your ideas from unique one time products to mass production items. Our experience and a net of our 3D hubs makes it easier for you to reach us and solve challenges on the spot. 

We specialize in solving challenges in design projects and manufacturing for business and individuals. We create through use of 3D modeling, 3D scanning, 3D printing,Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality and many other technologies.
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Some ideas have special value, they inspire,

motivate and change the world for the better.

These innovative ideas are transformed into projects
that we wholeheartedly support for having a higher
social value and benefiting the world enormously.

Those projects who fit our Social Value category

are granted extra help in every way possible.


In today’s business it’s hard to liveby the eco ideal,
however there are steps that every company can take
in order to promote and live by this idea even if they are tiny.

Here are some of the things we do to help the planet:

When working with our 3D printing farms in FDM technology, we work only with
eco-­friendly, biodegradable or recycled
materials and filaments from trusted supliers.
No ABS plastics.

All polymer 3D prints discarded for any reason are collected and gathered for later occasion. Finding second life use is often a lot of fun, some are used by artists to create works of art and some used in creative workshop with kids to stimulate creativity

No unnecessary waste.
We try to convince our clients to do us much as possible electronically, so we do not need to waste all the paper for printing. Additionally all other non-waste imitatives are
more than welcome and appreciated by us and our customers.

In our post-production facility we try to use organic paints and varnishes and as little as possible half-toxic materials needed to create our works. When providing business 
solutions we also advice about environmentally good practices 

Get Models Now

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