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Architectural mock-ups do not need

to be static and boring, that is the past.

The project was made with the utmost accuracy and attention to detail with

an addition of lights and other interactive elements. The architectural office in this case send us only 2D drawings and guidelines

for the end result, the rest of the magic

was on our side. Our skills of 3D printing

and mock-up making is an excellent tool

for modern architects. We offer technologies and solutions that meet the expectations

of the most demanding customers creating mockups of any complexity and size.








This is the only age simulation suit created entirely in 3D technology. The suit was designed after hours of analyzing and observing movement of a woman aged 75, who performed everyday activities in a natural way. The creation of it was possible thanks to the use of mixed techniques, its creation included, among other things, 3D scanning, 3D modeling and 3D printing technology. In the beginning the suit was for furniture designers so they can put it on, feel and understand the needs and limitations faced by older people in everyday life. Furniture design however, isn’t the only field in which the suit found its application. It proved to be an ideal working tool when designing public spaces, cars, transport vehicles, homes, clothes and electronics. It is now a ready to buy product for designers worldwide, contact us for purchase information.










How do you frame a large 5,5m long mirror in to a custom made 3D printed frame? You talk to us. Poznańs most luxurious shopping mall decided that the VIP sections large mirror need to be fitted with a beautiful baroque looking frame, but not a regular one but a custom designed 3D printed one. What was important both to us and Posnania, was the fact that material of the frame would be eco-friendly and biodegradable. Not an easy task, However 3D printing made the project feasible in a reasonable amount of time and resources. Created using over 80 parts and lots of time for stylization it was transported and mounted as one piece. Thanks to this technology, imitating baroque's splendorous style was only a matter of a proper approach and know-how.

The idea behind the project was to create micro-experience in order to change the morning routine into conscious activities. The research work and the interview with the respondents helped the author to observe the big problem of collecting a large number of objects in the living space and the lack of human relationships with everyday objects. The brush has been designed to last longer so as to have fewer good quality items instead of massively cheaply produced ones, which are easily thrown away and replaced with new ones. It was important to create a natural object of high quality materials such as: porcelain, bamboo and natural bristles. An important part of the design process was the analysis of hand movements when brushing teeth so that the product fits perfectly into the hand in any configuration for both right-handed and left-handed people. The brush has been enriched with a surface texture that allows comfortable grip of the object, but also provides haptic sensations during use. The object was made by hand in order to show an alternative production process and highlight the beauty of the craftsman's work, but also the negative consequences of mass production.



Performing replicas of exhibits is often associated with high costs and a long lead time. Technological possibilities can change that radically fo the better, which is a very good news for museums. This project for the Museum of Applied Arts, which is a branch of the National Museum in Poznan, is a replica of interiors from three periods: Baroque, Rococo, and Biedermeier. Original furnitures exhibited at the Museum were first 3D scanned and then printed in 3D technology. 3D printed objects were then subjected to many different post-production techniques, some even had to be hand-painting. These room mock-ups representing different ages through their interiors, serve as an educational tool for the National Museum, stimulating the imagination of the youngest visitors to the museum.


This is the result of our cooperation with the National Museum in Poznań as a multipart 3D print of an original 16th century rifle. The original was 3D scanned and wood-like material was used in the 3D printing process, it was subjected to professional treatments in order to fully reflect the details of the original. Post-production played a big role here indeed, however it was not the only interesting aspect of this project. Since it is used as an educational tool the guideline were to make it as close to the original as possible not only in appearance but also in weight. The 3D printed rifle imitates the original weighing 5,3 kg (almost 12 lbs) really simulating how hard it was to handle it back in the days. Making replicas using 3D printing and 3D scanning technology enables us to keep the details, add any additional feature while cutting the production time.


Specification of project documentation requires accuracy and transparency. Based on such documentation, specialists from many different fields consult appropriate solutions for renovations for example. 3D printing technology meets the needs for engineers by providing new tools in the design and presentation of concepts. In the case the Fortress Bridge in Gdansk, was created before the documentation needed for maintenance and in such way a dialogue between different companies could be started earlier saving time, energy and money. The transfer from the CAD model to the spatial model is relatively simple and fast and in this case we just needed to know of the aesthetics of the part of the bridge in order to reflect the individual elements as faithfully as possible.


The use of scanning technology and 3D printing was utilized here to create a large format human sculpture in a 1:1 scale. The scan application allowed the man to be digitized with a accuracy of 0.01mm making even the subtlest facial features to be visible. With our 3D printing farma available we chose to slice the sculpture and print it in pieces instead of running it for days on a big printer. The next stage was merging individual parts of the model to get actual human size sculpture.The aim of the post-production process was to make it look like a faithful copy of a gypsum statue. In many cases of different types of exhibitions we get approached by companies wanting to create large objects including human figures, machine structures or car prototypes, and we gladly cooperate with them

During the 3D SMART Kids Forum, the SAFIROS board game was presented. Designed and made by students of Junior High School No. 13 during the 3D SMART Kids workshops competition organized by Kubasek Studio. - We choose SAFIROS team because they met all the requirements. The game was supposed to be logical, promote the smart city idea and be possible to make through the use of 3D printing. During the workshop, children got acquainted with the process of designing, analyzed processes of their creation and the accompanying technologies. 200 Board games that included 16000 elements were printed on our 3D printing farm with ease and no sweat.



Custom made and unique decorations are the basic and often an important element that creates the atmosphere of every event and unique climate is guarantee of success! The Tama klub knows best about it and through cooperation with us and Jagermeister we created the Jager Lady. After creating a virtual custom designed 3D head of a stag, being the symbol of Jagermeister, we gave our jager lady body and clothes designed by RAG company. Exhibited at the main entrance to the club it gives the whole place an unforgettable feeling.


Within medicine, detailed models of organs can help during pre-surgical consultation, education and problem solving. When we say detailed models we mean actual models taken from the CT scans. Thanks to our ability of transferring CT scan-DICOM files into physical 3D printed models we can improve the quality of many aspects within medicine. Mock-ups, conceptual models for education or direct CT scan models can be printed and delivered to any place needed.


18th century flint type firearm model. This replica is a multi-part object made mainly with two types of 3D printed polymer materials containing wood and metal mixtures which allows you to better see the complexity of the model. Using filaments that contain certain properties enables us to shorten the time of post-processing needed to achieve the magnificent end result. Wood-like filaments can greatly imitate the natural wood rings, whereas materials containing metal particles give the object old bronze look while at the same time adding to the weight of the object making it feel more realistic on time.


3D printing allows you to make your fantasies come true and sometimes its imperfection can add value to a art project. This private project of the Polish artist Wojciech A. Hoffmann utilizes the use of 3D print for stop-motion animation. Over 1,000 figurines printed on many 3D printers, of which the main character is 300 pieces. It is one of the largest projects in the field of stop motion animation using 3D printing technology in Poland. The printout of all elements took about 600 hours and was a great challenge in terms of organization. Printing settings for the black figurines were made in such way so they never symbolized a perfect print and often were halfdone, something which the author strived for, which gave the animation a unique character making the project one-time and unique. The combination of the old time-lapse animation technique with the new 3D printing technology has given a unique effect by realizing the author's vision.


This is a small prototype of our Baroque frame, which we send as a sample of our capabilities for individuals and companies who are interested in ordering larger sizes or more models! It's created in the same way as the final version and post-production processes so that the customer can see what the effect will be on the ordered model. This is ideal for customers with whom direct contact is impossible or significantly impeded. Secured models are shipped in a convenient way to the customer or delivered in person!


Just make the outfit! Well, maybe not that easy since cosplay is one of the most demanding and time-consuming hobbies and modern art forms. But 3D printing definitely makes cosplay creation process more time- and cost-effective by giving cosplayers new, more reliable tools for manufacturing costumes and props. Nellcraft Burrow is a part-time cosplay creator and this time the character from the game Overwatch was being created. Through our cooperation and thanks to our 3D printing farm we created this awesome 3D printed cosplay gun within 48h


Another historical work of art is duplicated for the Museums, this time the object being the bust of Athena, a copy from the 1st century AD, needed to be waterproof and ready for the outside conditions. The post-production technique used on this 3D print allow us to mimic the original marble material, deep down in to the object showing all of its wonderful layers, and immune to weather conditions on the outside. The combination of scan and 3D printing allows to create copies and replicas of any size, through our equipment we can scan with accuracy of 0.05mm and print with details on micron level if needed.


The great technological developments of 21 century created better conditions in medicine, improved quality of life for people suffering from diseases and their consequences and increased survival rate after injury. In this project we tackled a challenge associated with limb loss. Here we used 3D scanning and 3D printing to create an individualized overlay that can be used as a beautiful unique cover for the lower leg orthosis. Thanks to our possibilities we can mass-produce solutions that are very individualized, we basically deal with the issue of mass-customization.


Most Wanted 3D was the first ever competition in which engineering students had to build 3D printed bridge prototypes and test them for strength and durability. Held at the Gdansk University of Technology, the event gathered participants from various technical schools and universities in Poland. Competing students and their teachers had to familiarize themselves with new technologies while testing their project management skills in order to apply a more practical approach to design and rapid prototyping. Our 3D printing farm allowed to print parts for all the teams in a short amount of time.


Nailing the master thesis isnt easy sometimes. It takes hours of reading, preparing, designing, thinking and drawing. In this case the master thesis at the faculty of architecture was a work where a modern museum needed to be depicted. Main goal of the project was to create an aesthetic miniature model but a highly detailed one, of the proposed architectural solution. Model was made in liquid resin through SLA method and the Masters degree was granted. Designing and 3D printing will find its place at every stage of life and we’ll be happy to help you to implement it during your university struggles.

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