3D Printing is a process of making a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model. We offer our clients almost all types of 3D printing techniques.
From fused deposition modeling (FDM) through stereolithography (SLA) all the way to laser sintering (SLS). All of these technologies have a wide range of materials that could be used so make sure that you choose the correct one for your needs or call us for consultation.

SLS Technology

SLS Technology - The printing process in Selective Laser Sintering uses powder and an laser to sinter an object into a solid. Metal or nylon powder can be used in such process which results in 3D printing ready made parts with high durability.

FDM Technology

Fused Deposition Modeling printers use a thermoplastic filament,
which is heated to its melting point
and then extruded, layer by layer,
to create a three dimensional object.

SLA Technology

SLA printers use light to solidify
a liquid resin via a process called photo-polymerization and builds objects layer by layer.
There are many different types
of resins that can be used not only form modeling, but iron casting
or dental uses.

               3D SCANNING

3D scanning is a technique of capturing an existing  shape through a 3D scanner which results in a 3D file of the object on a computer, which can be then saved, edited and 3D printed on a variety of printers with a variety of materials. We offer scanning capabilities from simple handheld scanners,

through high quality ones with  0.1 mm accuracy, all the way to large building and other constructions and architectural objects.



Some models after 3D printing require some post-production activities.
Depending on the chosen 3D printing technique, different methods can be used
to achieve the intended effects for good final results.
Our qualified employees will know what to do to get any styling you need,
no matter whether you are an artist or you need parts for your industry.
Visit the post-production page.

                3D MODELING

As an experienced team of designers, we offer our clients 3D modeling services

by realizing their ideas in the form of three-dimensional models created

from drawings, photos and even clean concepts. Models for creating technical documentation, high quality photo realistic visualizations and 3D animations.


Virtual reality (VR) is a computer-generated environment that simulates

a realistic experience through using a glasses like device such as HTC VIVE. The immersive environment can be similar to the real world in order to create

a lifelike experience grounded in reality. Augmented reality systems may also be considered a form of VR that layers virtual information over a live camera feed into a headset, or through a smartphone or tablet device.
Our team of designers offer 3D modeling specially adjusted for this type

of computer based environments. We can create simple objects

or more advance software that can be used with HTC VIVE

or Microsoft Hololens.



We lead our clients through the entire design process.
We combine various methods in the field of both rapid prototyping
and conventional techniques to reduce costs and choose the best way
to implement projects. Important is an one-on-one work from the start
as often we find ourselves doing projects no one else has done before.
This requires from us thural meetings with specified agenda and a high level
of communications with all the parties involved in the project.
While working with us you can count on the fact that you will always
be informed about the status of your project.



Laser engraving is a process whereby images are created by “burning” them

into the substrate with a laser. The images may consist of both text, portraits

and other security features and are of machine readable quality.

Consult our staff which materials can be engraved on and which can be used to do cut outs.



CNC cutting is a computer-controlled machine cutting process
used for cutting various hard materials, such as wood, composites, plastics,
and foams which in its turn enables for ready made parts. CNC cutting enables also creating reliefs, 2D+ pictures and other artistic decor objects.


Needing help with files for modeling, scanning or 3D printing?
Let us help. We can repair damaged files, transform existing ones
and prepare files for 3D printing or other uses.
Contact us with the details and we will let you know what we can do.


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